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Welcome to
Sharon Link, Ph.D.'s 
Instructional Design Portfolio

My ID portfolio encompasses my past and present skills, domain knowledge, subject matter expertise, educational background, and more. This will give you a glimpse into my creative process, methodology, teaching techniques, and past instructional design projects.

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Project 1: Skills 

Skill training helps to create scope and opportunities for learners by enhancing their skills and know-how. The emphasis of skill training is to provide proper training that will support and guide the employees in their chosen fields. Skills training involves both soft skills and
practical skills. Junior and senior team members will receive this training.


Project Two: Knowledge

Knowledge training typically includes company regulations, procedures, and policies. This type of training occurs cyclically. Everyone receives this training, and this includes new hire onboarding, as well. 


Project Three: Abilities

Abilities training includes critical thinking, decision-making, leadership, and management training. Learners who are the beneficiaries of this type of training usually include university learners. At work, this type of training usually involves managerial training, high potential employees, and could include a coaching program.


Project Four: Personal Art 

Just before the Pandemic and throughout, I discovered that I loved to draw. I set out to draw something every day. This is a personal page that shows some of the drawings that I created. I ended up creating a college course based on the activity, and I found so many free resources and workshop activities that I will include on this page as well. Thank you for you taking a look. I have had no formal training. This is simply an activity that I enjoy. 


Project Five: Writing Samples

I have been writing and publishing since 2007. My first writing project was my dissertation that was entitled: A Heuristic Phenomenological Exploration of Mothers of Children with Asperger Syndrome (DSM IV). This diagnosis is now autism spectrum disorder, but I learned a lot from the project. After completing this project, I proposed and designed an accredited university program called Effective Strategies for the Autistic Student. Since then, I have written and published a lot. I also do technical writing and co-authored a peer-review paper about Tinnitus. 


Project Six: Courses
Designed & Taught

First, let me share my experience in this area.

  • 20+ years of teaching various audiences in-seat

  • 10+ years of virtual/online teaching

  • 10+ years of organizational coaching/instructional design

  • Ph.D. in Leadership Studies

  • Earning Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

  • Certified coach from Coach U

  • My teaching is based on high levels of engagement, service, and practical application of theoretical concepts.

  • I display a thorough knowledge of curriculum and served as a subject matter expert for many of the 100 courses I designed.

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