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Skills Learning

Skills training involves learning focused on both hard skills and soft skills. Usually, technical skills training could be involved, as well as other skills, such as how to do job-specific types of activities. A lot of skills training is delivered through just-in-time methods, and this could involve a simple job aid.

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Job Site Ready

Job Site Ready is a program that is available through the University of Montana. In this project, I had the opportunity to migrate course data from one LMS to the Canvas platform. I made two videos that describe the process I went through to successfully migrate these courses. The project took about one month to complete. 


Job Site Ready

This is the second half of the JSR video. You will see how I set up the quizzes and created additional course content.


Tools for the Task

There were several learning items that did not copy over from the other learning management system, such as picture galleries. I ended up creating a few little learning videos that I added to the course to make it more interactive. I added music and movement to the photos so that the course was less static. 


Production Assistant Online Course Design 

I wrote a 13-module Production Assistant Online Program. This will be able to give you an idea of how I write a Beta Level Course Design document.

This program introduces a practical overview of concepts needed for individuals seeking a role as a Production Assistant on the local film, television, commercial, and new media products. The goal of this program is to provide an online, hands-on orientation on what it takes to get a job working as a Production Assistant. After completing this program, you will walk away with a toolkit to be able to get work as a Production Assistant.

This video shows you a sample storyboard. This is only a snippet, but it shows you how I structure a lesson from the design document to the storyboard while working closely with the client and SME.

Person Analyzing Data


Skillbuilder 3: Create a high-quality data set

This project is an example of one of six storyboards I created to be used in a GoMo course. This was for corporate skill-building on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. What you will see in this course example are scenarios, off-line activities, scenario-based assessments, and the script, which is embedded. And while you can view the following, please do not copy this example. 

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