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My name is Dr. Sharon Link. I am a Senior Learning Experience Design Expert and dba Leadership via Design. I would love to help you with your next learning and leadership projects. I have designed 100 courses and learning experiences, both online and in-seat. We are all on a journey. I would be honored to walk with you. 

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Learn About Me

​As a Lead Senior Learning and Leadership Strategy Consultant working with a myriad of global companies from coast to coast, I have designed, developed, and implemented leadership development and human resources-based workshops, online learning, and utilized other innovative practices with a keen eye on inclusive leadership in a digital and agile work environment. I specialize in DEI. I work well independently or as part of a collaborative team. I have served as the SME for 80 to 90 percent of the courses I have designed. 


I am extraordinarily technologically savvy and has worked with over a dozen different Learning Management Systems. I have consulted with an array of universities and Fortune 500s to identify needs using various inventories and needs assessments, conducted SWOT analyses, and integrated the use of metrics to develop or improve programs. 

As a strategist, I have worked with executive leadership and managers to assess their current needs, diplomatically coached them to develop their own leadership brands, and agilely grow in their knowledge and efficacy, all with an eye on future trends. I work with high levels of emotional intelligence, servant-leadership, thoughtfulness, reflection, systems-thinking, data, and current literature, including case studies, and relatably ensure that learning processes are tied directly to measurable business goals and talent plan objectives. I use an Accessibility checklist to ensure that your courses meet DEI compliance.

Leadership Scholar | Learning Practitioner

As a leadership scholar/practitioner, I earned my Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University. My first master’s degree is an M.Ed. in Administration with a Human Resources concentration. I am well versed in leadership development, leadership theory, organizational theory, systems thinking, design thinking, and organizational behavior. I am earning a Psy.D. in Professional Psychology so that I can bring organizations the latest strategies on creating psychological safety and mental health wellness in design learning.


I have been teaching online since 2008. At this time, I have designed 100 courses and learning experiences, both online and in-seat. I am also an extraordinarily prolific author of original content and a highly skilled presenter and facilitator. I was privileged early on in my career to work for a U.S. Senator and then later as a paralegal for an FBI agent turned attorney in private practice. I was able to hone top-notch research skills in both of these roles. 

Please read more about my teaching philosophy.


View my Instructional Design Portfolio.

See a few of my projects. 

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Contracting with Leadership via Design directly will save you time and money. 

We are prolific. On-time. Under budget.

We offer personal, customized, 

high-quality expertise.

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Gonzaga University
Magna Cum Laude


Whitworth University

Cum laude


Whitworth University

Cum laude

I earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology/IO. 

Doctoral Thesis: A Heuristic Phenomenological Exploration of Mothers of Children with Asperger Syndrome

I earned an M.Ed. in Education. Concentrations included: Principal Credential (Educational Leadership) and Human Resources Concentration.

I earned a B.A. in Education/Political Science. I also earned a minor in English.


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