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Writing Artifacts

I have been writing and publishing since 2007. My first writing project was my dissertation entitled: A Heuristic Phenomenological Exploration of Mothers of Children with Asperger Syndrome (DSM IV). This diagnosis is now autism spectrum disorder, but I learned a lot from the project. After completing this project, I proposed and designed an accredited, online university program called Effective Strategies for the Autistic Student. Since then, I have written and published a lot. I also do technical writing and co-authored a peer-reviewed paper about Tinnitus. I currently enjoy writing for Autism Parenting Magazine

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Link, S. (2007). A heuristic phenomenological study of mothers of children with Asperger Syndrome (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington.


The purpose of this study was to explore the lived experiences of mothers of children with Asperger Syndrome, now Autism Spectrum Disorder. A review of the literature on topics related to this study illustrated that a few similar studies had been conducted which highlighted different phenomena related to the maternal experience, but none captured the gestalt of this unique experience. Six participants shared their stories during a series of three to four in-depth interviews. Based on their stories, themes were analyzed and significant findings identified. Relevant themes included (a) the experiences of stress during pregnancy and birth; (b) grief and frustration after diagnosis; (c) mothers needing and receiving emotional support; (d) maternal advocacy for the child; (e) major systems shortfalls including family, medical and educational, future expectations; and maternal advice to other mothers. These mothers’ experiences could provide a beginning point for future study and research on this topic of the maternal experience raising a child with autism. Given that their stories contribute to understanding about this topic, they have implications for current theory and professional practice.

Keywords:  Asperger Syndrome, maternal experiences, phenomenology, Qualitative, Interpretative description

Ebsco Research Starters

My first published writing involved authoring 29 research starters for Ebsco Publishing. I am sharing 27 of them. These papers were not authored in APA 7th Edition. However, you will get a sense of my original interests. I was delighted to spend a summer right after earning my first doctorate working on these papers.

  1. Link, S. (2009). Academic learning time. Ebsco Publishing.

  2. Link, S. (2009). Applied behavioral analysis. Ebsco Publishing.

  3. Link, S. (2009). Assessing class education. Ebsco Publishing.

  4. Link, S. (2009). Child health policies. Ebsco Publishing.

  5. Link, S. (2009). Educology. Ebsco Publishing.

  6. Link, S. (2009). Essentialism and Perennialism. Ebsco Publishing.

  7. Link, S. (2009). Family involvement in special education. Ebsco Publishing.

  8. Link, S. (2009). George Mead's I and me. Ebsco Publishing.

  9. Link, S. (2009). Graphic organizers. Ebsco Publishing.

  10. Link, S. (2009). International adoption. Ebsco Publishing.

  11. Link, S. (2009). Internet dating. Ebsco Publishing.

  12. Link, S. (2009). Mainstreaming in the public schools. Ebsco Publishing.

  13. Link, S. (2009). Oligarchies. Ebsco Publishing.

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  26. Link, S. (2009). Trust, social capital, and intermediation roles. Ebsco Publishing.

  27. Link, S. (2009). Work in the post-industrial world. Ebsco Publishing.

Self-published books

  1. Link, S. & Link, J. (2012). The abyss of autism. Self-published, CreateSpace. 
    ISBN: 1470152029
    ISBN-13: 9781470152024

  2. Link, S. (2012). Autism and parental leadership: Learning to lead for your autistic childSelf-published, CreateSpace.

      ISBN: 13:-978-1477695418

      ISBN: 10: 1477695419

Book chapter

Beattie, M. & Link-Wyer, S. (2019). Change management and leadership in the fourth industrial revolution. In K. Tajeddini, V. Ratten, & T. Merkle (Eds.). Tourism, Hospitality and Digital Transformation. Routledge.​


This chapter explores organizational leadership in the hospitality and tourism industries within the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or what is commonly known as Industry 4.0. The authors focus on seven hospitality and tourism companies and analyze ways in which mission and vision statements integrate the person-focused approach to servant-leadership with the technological advances of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Leadership must manage the constant change encountered in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. By using the phenomenological hermeneutic methodology, this chapter identifies relevant themes and offers potential suggestions for improving organizational behaviors through servant-leadership. After collecting mission statements from seven hospitality and tourism-based organizations, keywords were analyzed and clustered for meaning based on commonalities, approaches, and relevant themes. Implications are presented positing servant-leadership as a differentiator for hospitality and tourism organizations that embrace these approaches.

Autism Parenting Magazine

Link, S. (2020). Raising children with autism: Mothers share their amazing stories. Autism Parenting Magazine 

Link, S. (2021). How to prepare Aspie women for the workplace. Autism Parenting Magazine   

Link, S. (2021). How to best prepare your child with autism to drive. Autism Parenting Magazine

Unpublished Research Papers

My latest research articles are unpublished. These articles are about different psychology topics. 

Link, S. (2022). Holding back: Anti-depressants in treatment. Unpublished manuscript. PDF

Link, S. (2022). Perseveration as a motivational factor in behavior. Unpublished manuscript. PDF.

Link, S. (2022). Providing an effective therapy for Asian-Indian immigrants. Unpublished manuscript.  PDF

Link, S. (2022). Research-based analysis of PTSD. Unpublished manuscript. PDF

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