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Sharon Link, PhD
Multimedia Learning Book

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Introduction to Leadership Development & Coaching

This course offers learners a comprehensive, relevant perspective on leadership and coaching leaders. While the course provides grounding in important concepts, it also stresses application to professional and community settings. Learners have an opportunity to practice in groups. Learners analyze concepts such as leading as an interactive process, leading with innovation and creativity, escaping from embedded practices, and embracing new leadership principles. This course provides learners with a contemporary study of leadership and developing leadership in others.


Course Learning Outcomes 

  1. The learner will develop an understanding of the purposes and types of leadership in organizations.

  2. The learner will develop strategies for building leadership capacity in organizations.

  3. The learner will compare and contrast a variety of coaching and leadership development approaches.

  4. The learner will gain skills in developing leadership in others through coaching skills.


This is Day 2 of the Beta version of the Leadership Development and Coaching course. This video explains my process.

This shows a published Storyline 3 course. This entire project took 3 days from start to finish. I started with the Alpha, created a Beta, and then finetuned the presentation into a final iteration. 

Microlearning Example

Why consider microlearning?
A microlearning about microlearning

The purpose of this microlearning is to present an overview of what microlearning is and why it's important. Brief, relevant training is known as microlearning. While bite-sized courses don't always equate to effective learning, when used correctly, microlearning can be very powerful.

This took me approximately 3 hours to build including creating the graphics, recording voiceovers, and building in Camtasia.

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