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Leadership via Design è una società di design e leadership boutique specializzata in progettazione didattica, sviluppo di programmi di studio, sviluppo di e-learning e creazione di giochi per università e aziende, a livello nazionale e globale. La nostra missione è aiutarti a coinvolgere, arricchire e consentire alla tua forza lavoro o ai tuoi studenti di impegnarsi, imparare di più, ottenere di più e migliorare le proprie prestazioni.

Prosperiamo su design semplici. Integriamo approcci di design personalizzati, di grande impatto ed eleganti ai nostri corsi, sia che stiamo progettando un corso universitario, sviluppando un accattivante modulo di e-learning o integrando un curriculum completo e ricco di contenuti.

Sappiamo che promuovere l'eccellenza nell'ecosistema dell'apprendimento odierno richiede competenza, impegno, agilità e talento. Leadership tramite Design si impegna ad aiutare te e la tua organizzazione ad avere prestazioni strategiche e tattiche. In qualità di partner universitari a lungo termine e collaboratori aziendali, siamo esperti nel progettare pratiche rigorose, coinvolgenti e accademicamente valide con i tuoi processi. SAPPIAMO in prima persona cosa devono affrontare gli studenti trasformati in dipendenti, l'eccellenza che ci si aspetta e l'etica del lavoro richiesta. Il nostro design didattico soddisfa gli standard Quality Matters.

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What We Do


Instructional Design
Curriculum Development


eLearning Development


Leadership Development


Corporate Learning


University Course


Workshop Design


Performance Support Materials
Learning Guides


Game Design






Micro-learning videos



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Check out what people are saying.

Angela G.,  - CA

Sharon is an expert in the art of learning and in teaching instructional design to others. Her ability to identify what is needed to create long term behavior change; along with learning that is relevant and relatable, is unsurpassed. If an opportunity arises and the task is to create efficient and effective training, I wouldn't hesitate to call upon Sharon to be a part of the learning solution.

Chris H., -  Texas

I have known Dr. Sharon Link for many years since she was my Professor for a Brandman University online Curriculum Development course. Sharon is a very capable facilitator, is well organized, and makes good use of classroom resources. She is an expert Curriculum Developer and has designed many collegiate adult learning courses. Sharon is also an avid entrepreneur and has developed her own consulting business. She is an industry leader and an advocate for autism.

Lee C., Orlando, FL

I am happy to write a reference for Sharon Link-Wyer, PhD. I worked on a major project with Sharon to develop an on-line leadership, management and customer service course for a Nursing Leadership Development Program. Sharon developed the content and teaching method for this course which is very successful in being used to develop future nurses from the four campuses of a Nursing College. Sharon is very disciplined, professional and pays close attention to detail and was a real pleasure to work with.
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Once again, Professor Link was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Assessment is a dense topic of study, but Professor link chose a great text that was easy to follow and created learning activities that encouraged us to consider how we could apply the knowledge to our classrooms in a few weeks. She was always available via email and held many GoTo Meetings to answer questions about the course work and our assignments. I loved taking this course with Professor Link. She is a great professor and I would recommend her to anyone! Touro College Anonymous Student Review 
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