Our Process

We couple the practice of servant leadership with 

purposeful instructional design elements to

produce engaging, effective learning solutions. 

The words servant and leader are usually thought of as being opposites. In her groundbreaking book on quantum sciences and leadership, Rewiring the Corporate Brain (1997), Danah Zohar goes so far as to state that, “Servant-leadership is the essence of quantum thinking and quantum leadership” (p. 146). To maintain a competitive
edge, an organization must be able to adapt and change in order to improve processes―leadership is a key component to achieving these outcomes (Chien, 2004). According to Laub (1999) and Parolini
(2005), "organizations that can create a healthy, servant-minded culture will maximize the skills of both their workforce and leadership. Servant leaders are influential in a non-traditional manner that allows more freedom for followers to exercise their own abilities" (Russell & Stone, 2002), consistent with the qualities in the employee fulfillment model.


Coupled with powerful and engaging instructional design practice, our learning solutions expand beyond simply changing behaviors. Servant leadership engages learners and instructors in a positive learning relationship.  A lot of training tends to invoke fear or dread, which diminishes the learning process. Servant leadership is not fear based; and therefore, dissolves many of the anxieties that learners feel during the learning process.  Anxious learners forget what they have learned as soon as the training is over. 


Servant leadership involves stakeholders in decision making, is strongly based in ethical and caring behavior, and enhances the growth of learners while improving the caring and quality of organizational life. According to Spears (2010): "Servant leadership characteristics often occur naturally within many individuals; and, like many natural tendencies, they can be enhanced through learning and practice.  Servant leadership offers great hope for the future in creating better, more caring, institutions." 

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Where leadership meets design!

By Dr. Sharon Link Wyer

Servant Leadership + Instructional Design = Powerful Learning Solutions