Online Teaching. Training.

University Teaching


  • 20+ years of teaching various audiences in-seat

  • 10+ years of virtual/on-line teaching

  • 10+ years of organizational coaching/instructional design 

  • Ph.D. in Leadership Studies 

  • Certified coach 

  • My teaching is based on high levels of engagement, service, and practical application of theoretical concepts. 

Professionally, I display a thorough knowledge of curriculum and served as a subject matter expert for many of the 95 courses I designed. I am highly responsive to student needs, and I am always online so there is no lag time in my emails or Zoom sessions to meet with students personally. As a remote instructor, I maintain regular work hours, Zoom office hours for students, and participate in meetings. I set very high expectations for my students, and I am committed to enhance my teaching effectiveness skills by attending seminars, webinars, workshops, and classes through both internal and external programming.

Personally, I have a proven competency in fulfilling my professorial responsibilities within a culturally diverse environment. My completed dissertation was a phenomenological exploration of women’s leadership in raising children with Asperger’s Syndrome. I have a demonstrated research interest in ways to accommodate individuals on the autism spectrum and neuro-diverse individuals. 


Courses that I teach and have taught online include:

  1. Leadership

  2. Management

  3. Women's leadership

  4. Personal leadership development

  5. Organizational leadership

  6. Business leadership

  7. Global leadership

  8. School as an organization

  9. Methods of teaching

  10. Ethics and professional responsibility

  11. Educational technology general & special education

  12. Educational leadership

  13. Childhood development

  14. Teaching and learning in diverse early childhood environments

  15. Effective learning strategies for the autistic student

  16. Assessment and measurement

  17. Instructional Design

  18. Instructional Design in corporate environments

  19. Education Management

  20. Curriculum Theory

  21. Cultural responsiveness

  22. Leading with data

  23. Human behavior in organizations

  24. Human resources development

  25. Leadership development and coaching

  26. MAE Action Research

  27. General Psychology

  28. History and systems of psychology

  29. Social psychology

  30. Physiological psychology


  1. Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting 

  2. Classroom Safety 

  3. Drug-Free Workplace 

  4. Ethics in the Workplace 

  5. Evacuation Planning for Students with Special Needs 

  6. Workplace Bullying 

  7. Workplace Harassment

  8. Workplace Violence 

  9. Using Canva for Rapid, Print-Ready, Memorable Learning Materials

  10. Professional Development for Teachers and School Administrators