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"Synthesis suggests beneficial associations between green space exposure and reduced stress, positive mood, less depressive symptoms, better emotional well-being, improved mental health and behavior, and decreased psychological distress in adolescents.

Mental well-being is a fundamental component of health and quality of life, encompassing aspects of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being. Specifically, evidence shows that increased accessibility to green space and residing in areas with increased greenness are associated with improved perceived mental health. Exposure to green space is a promising intervention for promoting adolescents’ mental well-being. A growing body of research has found that exposure to green space has a variety of positive impacts on young people’s health." (Zhang et al., 2020).

"Mental health issues are estimated to account for as much as a third of all years lived with disability, and account for around 13 per cent of disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) lost, similar to the toll of cardiovascular disease and circulatory disorders" (Douglas & Douglas, 2021). According to NASA Earth Observatory and Engemann et al. (2019), 


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