Having designed and developed 95 university courses on a variety of subjects, our focus is on designing experiential learning solutions to activate learner engagement. We design fresh, original content that is theoretically infused, based on storytelling, and is also pragmatic. Our strength is in updating static courses to create interactive and thoughtful designs that increase student interaction, engage learners through gamification, and spark innovation. We work with universities and professors to qualitatively evaluate courses,  revise content, and statistically measure outcomes. 


Leadership via Design specializes in Instructional Design, original content creation, social and informal learning, microlearning, instructor-led learning, virtual classes, scripting, multimedia/video creation, and blended learning.


Trained and highly skilled in leadership theories, leadership development, coaching, and leadership program development, our leadership development is focused on coaching, mentorship, onboarding, and curriculum development for your needs.


We are avid technologists. Let us showcase our software skills, programming, 3D design elements, and technical writing to develop custom eLearning interactions, unique interfaces, and effective, engaging eLearning tutorials, modules, and games.  Trained in creating technical illustrations, software documentation, and various eLearning software, we have you covered for even the most problematic eLearning solutions.

Game Design

Gamification can be defined as the concept of applying game-design thinking to non game applications. Wikipedia defines gamification as “the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems”.  In practicality, gamification can be applied to online courses to heighten engagement, expand problem-solving, and enrich the learner's experience. Gamification done well provides instant feedback and can prompt an immediate behavioral change.


Creativity runs through our veins. In a nutshell, we infuse servant leadership characteristics into our instructional design process. We listen first. As avid learners, we are empathetic to the needs of both the learner and instructor. We are deeply aware of best practice and continuously improve. Learning is about persuasion through engagement. Our instructional design solutions offer the commitment to help learners grow through engagement, persuasion, and stewardship. We design workshops, learning guides, games, assessments, one-on-one learning sessions, and more.


  • Leadership Development

  • Educational Services

  • Business; Business Information Systems

  • Human Resources

  • ​Coaching

  • Psychology

  • Legal Learning

  • Life Sciences

  • Individuals with Disabilities

  • Mandated Reporting

  • Compliance